Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blog Blagh Blah...

I know, I know...
So I haven't blogged lately.
What with the kids,
the new jobs,
the late night parties with recent grads,
my on-going search for my missing Natacha Atlas cd...

I'll post soon.

Seriously, has anyone seen my Natacha Atlas cd?


Blogger dan szilagyi said...


good to hear that your partying hard adam, you'll soon be seeing a new class as well, i hope your doing well otherwise and i wish i could come in for a few classes but work has seen to that, still no luck in the industry though.
check out my blog to see some recent doodles though
take care

6:36 PM  
Anonymous faz said...

which natacha atlas CD was it?
i have Gedida. i can burn you a copy

4:51 PM  

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