Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pet Project


Another year comes to a close. A lot of paper and pencils under the bridge. Literally.
Where do you think I keep all those filled up pads of news print?

I'd like to first extend my apologies to CA 72 for not making it to their graduation/screening - the last one of the year. I wish I could have been there.
Many thanks to all the people who kindly stopped by to visit and revisit me at PWW and to everyone who took the extra time to leave comments. They always brighten my day.

Enjoy the holidays.
Eat lots.
Sleep lots, if you need to (and I know some of you need to).
Spend as much time as you can with those you love.
Don't spend any time with those you don't (unless you're a superhero and trying to save the world).

See you again in 2010!


* For those who don't live in my daily little world, some back story on the image:
Zak and Lulu got pets this year. Zak got a finch, Lulu got a fish.
So, you know, (Zak + finch) + (Lulu + fish) = Scheming Christmas Creatures.


Blogger vinay said...

Hi Adam,

Happy Christmas Adam (Belated wishes..hehe sorry)

Would you like to check out my new blog and tell me what you think?!


6:42 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

So cute. :)

Merry Christmas, Adam.

6:09 AM  
Blogger michiel said...

He adam
the card looks realy cool
for you also all the best in 2010

1:45 PM  

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