Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick and Nervous

I have been busy with a project so I haven't posted much lately.
Here are a couple of favorites from a recent pad.

This is a favorite quirky, quick gesture. Just simple line, as fast as I could get it down.
Forget the details, just get the pose.

This one was just a riff on the model's pose.
She looked nervous so I just played it up.

Both sketches are Prismacolor on newsprint.
December, 2005

I have a bucnch more to post.
I'll try to get on it soon.


Blogger Infurnus Fila said...

The first sketch makes me think of cross country skiing or speed skating! Or is it just this cities olympic mind set getting to me?!! ^_^

6:46 PM  
Blogger jocko said...

Or an earnest politician shaking a childs hand.
You'll have to ask Steve. I think he was the model for this one.

Now, quick, resume animation!!!

10:55 PM  
Blogger dan szilagyi said...

i like the second one alot, the combination of the face with such simple lines to show emotion and mood works well.

7:12 PM  

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