Friday, March 17, 2006

Eight Months In One Afternoon

What a fun day. We had a very special guest in our studio this afternoon.
One of the instructors brought in his eight month old son and the lad was kind enough to model for us. It was the first time I had to tell the class time was up.
Thanks to our model, Baby F, thanks to his dad Peter and thanks to the class and all visitors for doing some great work. If you want to post your drawings from today on this site just let me know.

No he can't stand on his own. Papa was holding him up.

No he doesn't really look like a cartoon character.
It is an animation class, remember.

A baby can turn his back on you but never turn your back on a baby.


Blogger Corey said...

I'm extremely jealous!

6:58 PM  
Blogger dan szilagyi said...

hey adam,

your pad some serious attention in class! the drawings are cute as hell!
anyway see you around~

8:10 PM  

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