Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Simple Gesture And What Develops

I came across this gesture tonight while going through one of my pads.

I post it here because I think it's a good example of how I prefer to initiate a drawing: first priority is to get the pose. I do that by keeping the drawing as simple as possible.
The straight line of her left leg is more about where the leg is than what it looks like. The arch of the thigh is drawn in one quick line in an effort to nail the flex of a locked leg - not as a representation of muscular detail.
Her right side is a quick couple of strokes from shoulder to knee and the feet are essentially just directional lines.
With the feet, as with everything else, my initial concern is placement rather than what it looks like.
Keep in mind I don't consider this a complete gesture. This is just a first pass through the pose. A gesture, in my opinion, is complete when it contains enough information for the artist to finish the drawing without needing further reference to the model.

Below are two I consider to be more complete gestures:

And I like this one because of how much the pose was pushed:


Anonymous jazreet said...

god damm i have to start doing that stuff right .... that's kick ass sir

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